Gregory Pest Solutions performs one of the most thorough and fastest pest fumigations for a food processing plant ever. Just this year in a plant location that encompasses 21,000,000 cubic feet of space, the professional team at Gregory was able to perform a Sulfuryl Fluoride (SF) Fumigation making it the largest structural fumigation completed in the United States. In a structural fumigation, the process requires the entire space to be completely covered, sealed, fumigated, then fully ventilated.

What makes structural fumigations like this one so valuable is that a fumigation not only deals with the most visible and obvious pest problem, it also treats the structure itself by reaching pests deep within the walls and substructure where stubborn and deeply burrowing pests reside. For structures that have a high risk of pest infestation, structural fumigations is one of the surest ways of dealing with pest problems appropriately.

Throughout Gregory’s service area, Gregory’s team of fumigation experts are certified to perform similar types of fumigations in a variety of environments:

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