Tailgate season is finally here, but in the south, it still feels like summer. This means all the summer pests are still milling around. Some of them, like wasps, can be aggressive while others, like mosquitoes, can just be pesky! Here are some tips to keep the most common pets away from your tailgate!


Wear insect repellent to keep the mosquitoes away.

Mosquitoes are known for their itchy welts and for being vectors of dangerous diseases. Since you can’t know if a mosquito is carrying a disease or not, it’s best to prevent their bite altogether. Drape mosquito netting over baby carriers and strollers and also consider bringing along some citronella candles. Another way to prevent mosquito bites is by wearing an EPA approved insect repellent! Repellents can also keep away fleas and ticks!


Place an oscillating fan by your food to keep flies away.

These pests are associated with unsanitary conditions like garbage cans and restrooms. Flies are attracted to decaying materials and will lay eggs in garbage sites and other nasty places. These pests are dirty from crawling around these unsanitary conditions and can contaminate food prep areas with pathogens, so you definitely don’t want them crawling all over you food. However, a fly’s wing strength is not very strong. Keep an oscillating fan by your table, and you should be able to deter most of the flies!

Stinging insects

Cover meat and sugary beverages to deter wasps.

Wasps and other stinging insects are attracted to proteins and sugar. They will be sure to attend your tailgate if you have any sort of meat or sweet treat, including beverages. Keep these items covered or in sealed containers to keep them at bay, and always examine your beverage container before taking a sip. There have been instances of people swallowing wasps along with their drinks!

Where to set up camp

Avoid areas with standing water when setting up your tailgate spots.

A good way to stay pest free is by choosing a tailgating spot that is less conducive to pests. So stay away from ponds and other sources of standing water. Mosquitoes only need half  an inch of standing water to reproduce. They’ll definitely be in places like empty tires, small ponds and retention ponds. Another place to stay away from is garbage cans and restroom facilities. As previously stated, flies love these conditions and are more likely to make an appearance if you’re parked near one of these places.

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