Lawn care. It’s a pretty common term that conjures up pictures of lush, green grass with summertime in the air. But what is it really? Gregory offers many lawn care services such as aeration, overseeding and fertilization. Most of us know what fertilization is already, but aeration and overseeding are things that can go a little above the head.


Aeration is when holes are poked into the ground to boost air flow, flow of nutrients and the flow of water to your grass. This technique is necessary especially when you have compacted soil. Soil can become compacted in new construction areas where heavy equipment has run over the soil or in areas where there is heavy foot traffic. These events cause your soil to become too dense for nutrients, air and water to flow the way they need to. Because the soil is so dense, the grass needs to work harder to grow which means the roots don’t grow as deep and there aren’t as many roots in general. This deprives the plant of nutrients which makes it hard for the plant to grow. Aeration loosens up the soil and creates air pockets that allow roots to grow more fruitfully.


Overseeding is pretty straight forward. It’s when we take grass seed and sprinkle it over an already existing lawn. Overseeding is used for lawns that have bare patches and/or thinning or patchy spots. Placing it on already existing grass will improve the density of your lawn which will aid in choking out weeds. However, not all grass types are suitable for overseeding. Our lawn care experts will give you a free quote based on the years of experience and knowledge of different turfs to provide the best care for your lawn.


We all know what fertilizer is. Most lawn fertilizer is made up of phosphorous, nitrogen and potassium and filler ingredients that allow the more important ingredients to disperse more evenly. Each ingredient promotes a different part of a plant’s wellbeing. Nitrogen helps with top growth. In other words, it’s going to help your grass grow taller. Phosphorous will develop roots and help them grow deeper, and potassium will keep the plant disease-resistant and otherwise healthy.

These three lawn care techniques are best used in combination

Overseeding will fill out your lawn and provide it the chance to become lush, thick and green. Fertilizer will provide your lawn and the new seedlings with food and nutrients, and aeration will help your lawn to absorb all of the nutrients, water and oxygen it needs. Every lawn is different. There are plenty of different types of grass such as cool season and warm season grasses. Each different type requires a different combination of the three techniques listed above. Some grasses will require a different type of fertilizer and other grasses may not benefit from overseeding. Our experts are trained to know what plan would work the best to give you the lawn of your dreams.

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