Everyone should have a tick removal kit at the house. Due to the increased risk of tick-borne illnesses this summer, we want to do everything we can to keep our customers safe. This includes being prepared for tick bites.

Why a tick removal kit is important

One way to be prepared is by assembling your very own tick kit. It is so great to have a tick kit prepared. It keeps all of the tools you need to safely remove ticks in one place instead of having to search your home for everything you need. It allows you to remove the tick faster which is important because ticks spread diseases through their saliva. The longer they are latched on to you, the more chance they have to make you sick. Early removal lessens the chance of contracting a disease.

Supplies you will need

You can buy a preassembled kit, but you can also make your own removal kit. You probably have most of the supplies laying around at home already. Your kit should include:

  • Fine tipped tweezers
  • Rubbing alcohol or iodine scrub
  • Sealable plastic bags.

After gathering your supplies, keep them together by putting them in a box or pouch.

Tick removal

You can remove a tick by using the tweezers to grasp the tick as close to the skin as possible and pulling up with steady, even pressure. After removal, clean the area with rubbing alcohol or iodine scrub. Make sure to clean your hands, too! You can then dispose of the tick by flushing it in the toilet or by placing it in a sealable plastic bag and tossing it in the trashcan.

If you experience fever or rash after the tick is removed, call your doctor immediately, as you may have contracted a tick-borne illness such as Lyme disease.

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