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Smarter Spider Control

All spiders bite. But few in the Southeast are venomous, like the famous black and brown widow or brown recluse spiders. These predatory arachnids are in the same class that includes scorpions and ticks, and most spiders prefer being inside. Very few people, however, welcome them into their homes, and some folks are afraid when they see that spider hanging from the ceiling.

Is the spider you see threatening?  Probably not. But don’t wait to find out if a spider is venomous or not.  Let our experts deal with the problem right away. Our team of highly trained specialists will rid you of the 8-legged creatures easily and safely.  We have certified entomologists on staff to help find the best solution to all your pest problems.  Our specialists deal with these pests using environmentally friendly means.  Call Gregory Pest Solutions today, so you can be free of these crawly creatures.

Our company can help customers rid their homes of  bed bugs, termites, ants, rodents, roaches, fleas, hornets, wasps, mice, mosquitoes, scorpions, and many other pests.  We also offer bird control, animal control, crawl space inspections, and water management services to our customers. Speak to a spider expert in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Alabama about your pest solutions today.

Call Gregory Pest Solutions for help with spider control at 1-800-922-2596 or use our email form and contact us today.

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