Centipede GrassLocal Grass Types Care

Our area is home to many different types of grass. Learn about individualized grass care for Fescue, Bermuda, Centipede, and Zoysia grasses. Gregory can develop a customized plan for your lawn. Customized lawn solutions. It’s smarter. Click to learn more.

Colorful Fall Leaves on Green LawnSeasonal Lawn Care

With four different seasons, your lawn needs different forms of care throughout the year. We have advice for spring, summer, fall, and winter lawn care. Click to learn more.

Lawn Mower Cutting GrassMowing Your Lawn

Here are two extremely important things to remember when landscaping in South Carolina. First, cut no more than one third of the leaf blade off at a time. Second, always make sure your mower blades are sharpened. Follow these two tips to help prevent unnecessary stress to your lawn and prevent possible insect or disease infestations.

Pruning shears for cutting tree in the garden.Pruning Bushes & Shrubs

Ornamentals are best pruned by hand so that you can selectively take out branches for better growth and air circulation. Avoid mechanical trimming when possible.

Red mulch surrounding plantsLandscaping Mulch

Although mulch is aesthetically pleasing, it can also be misused. Only two inches is recommended around your ornamentals and shrubs. You can then top yearly with one-half to three quarter inch of mulch for aesthetics. When it comes time to replace or freshen up the mulch, use a rake to break up any lumps so you can obtain proper water drainage.

Spring Grass with Water DropsWatering Your Lawn

Our Gregory lawn solutions expert will discuss the most effective plan for watering your lawn. Much of the disease and insect activity in lawns come from under or over watering. So, your irrigation system must be properly calibrated to measure how much water you are placing on your lawn and landscape with each watering cycle. On average, lawns require one inch of water per week; therefore, the best method makes a difference.  Just check your grass and ornamentals to see if there is any curl in the leaf blades. If you see curling, then it’s time to water.  We are glad to develop a customized watering plan for your specific lawn.

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