Pond and Water Feature Management

A pond or water feature is the aesthetic focal point of any home or building lucky enough to have one. Water draws the eye, looks beautiful and makes your whole landscape look better… as long as it’s properly maintained.

A dirty, smelly, or algae-filled water feature does exactly the opposite of what a water feature should do. Not only does it reflect poorly on your home or company, it attracts gross pests like mosquitoes. It can also be a surprisingly complicated chore to pull off, however. Luckily, you don’t have to do it alone.

Gregory Water Feature Management

Gregory Pest is happy to provide water feature management to all residential and commercial pest control clients. We take a balanced, environmentally-friendly approach to water treatment, to restore the health and beauty of your water without harming its natural surroundings. Ultimately, our experts make sure your water stays healthy, clean, beautiful, and – most importantly – pest-free.

How It Works

No two water features are exactly the same, so Gregory never takes exactly the same approach to managing them.

Gregory experts can take several different approaches to water management depending on what’s required, including:

  • ALGAE AND AQUATIC WEED CONTROL: When algae and undesirable weeds bloom in water, they attract pests and harm the water’s health. We can remove algae, weeds, and other unwanted growth without harming beneficial plant life or bacteria in the water supply.
  • AERATION SYSTEMS: When any water source doesn’t receive sufficient oxygen, it becomes choked with bad bacteria. Installing an aeration system cycles oxygen back into the water supply, ensuring a healthy balance of oxygen and bacteria. Gregory-installed aeration systems keep water flowing correctly and prevent bacterial overgrowth.
  • FISH STOCKING AND MAINTENANCE: Gregory experts can monitor the Grass Carp and Tilapia populations in your water feature. We will ensure your fish remain healthy and restock when necessary.
  • CHEMICAL AND BIOLOGICAL CONTROL: We use various biological and chemical solutions to balance and treat the water supply, preventing future undesirable growth without harming the water’s natural surroundings.
  • FOUNTAIN MAINTENANCE: Gregory’s experts will clean and maintain fountains and other water features. We can remove sources of bad bacteria and undesirable growth and treat the fountain’s water to prevent future problems.

Why It Works

Gregory’s approach to water feature management is the best in the business because it’s integrated. We don’t simply remove troublesome pests, weeds, or bacteria from your water feature. Instead, we figure out how and why your water feature got dirty or unhealthy in the first place.

Once we’ve figured that out, we can treat the cause, not just the symptoms. The result is a water treatment strategy that yields lasting results. We even offer a monthly water maintenance plan to ensure your water feature stays healthy and beautiful, permanently.

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