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Anderson County Emergency Mosquito Service

We tend to think of the West Nile Virus as something that “couldn’t happen to us.” But the threat of this mosquito borne illness has come too close to our homes for comfort. Unfortunately, the West Nile virus has no vaccine or prescribed treatment, and one Anderson County individual has died from this disease.

Twenty percent of people infected by West Nile will experience symptoms with less than one percent of those infected experiencing a potentially fatal swelling of the brain called encephalitis. According to, there have been 55 mosquitoes and 10 birds found to have West Nile, and out of 28 mosquito pools tested in Greenville County, 9 came back positive for the virus. It is due to these reasons that Anderson County has hired Gregory Pest Solutions, through the state term mosquito control contract to perform emergency mosquito control treatment.

Gregory Pest Solutions has performed emergency mosquito services in the Union County SC and the Rock Hill SC area, as both places had confirmed human cases of West Nile virus. The company will treat the designated area at dusk when the species of mosquitoes that carry this virus are most active. Treating the area at dusk will also help protect pollinators as they are most active during the day. Gregory’s Director of Operations and Board Certified Entomologist, Larry Motes, has determined the course of treatment to be an Ultra-Low-Volume (ULV) application. ULV produces tiny droplets of product to specifically target the mosquitoes that fly through the air, but because the droplets are so small, they will not harm other, larger organisms. This product does not leave residue behind that could harm pets, crops, or pollinators. The second course of treatment will include a larvicide material placed in storm drains and ditches that will target the larval stage of mosquitoes as they mature in the water. With this treatment process, you will be better protected from being bitten by a disease carrying mosquito.