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Second Case of West Nile in Rock Hill SC

According to the York County Emergency Management Office, there has been another confirmed human case of the West Nile virus in a separate area of Rock Hill, SC. Gregory Pest Solutions is responding and will be treating this area on Tuesday, September 19th starting around 8 p.m.  Gregory will utilize a truck to treat within a one-mile radius of Baylor Drive. Spraying will continue until early Wednesday morning and the time frame could change depending on the weather, according to emergency management officials.

The course of treatment determined by our Director of Operations and Board Certified Entomologist, Larry Motes, is an Ultra-Low-Volume (ULV) application of Aqua-reslin. The goal of ULV is to emit enough product to eliminate the flying mosquitoes while protecting other organisms. ULV application technology produces tiny droplets in the air that will target adult mosquitoes, but because the application is so small, it will not harm other, larger organisms. Aqua-reslin is the preferred product for this particular case because it does not leave residue that could harm pets, crops, or pollinators. In order for Aqua-reslin to be effective, the organism has to be directly targeted.

The species of mosquitoes that spread West Nile virus are most active from dusk to dawn. Therefore, we will treat the area at dusk. Spraying during this time will also benefit pollinators, as pollinators are most active during the day, either returning to the hive at night or hiding underneath leaves, rocks, or in heavy vegetation. Humans are also more likely to be indoors during this time and not inconvenienced by the treatment.

West Nile virus cycles between mosquitoes and birds. Mosquitoes will bite birds infected with the virus, and will, in turn, bite humans who can then contract the disease. Horses and other mammals can be infected with West Nile virus. Only birds can reproduce the virus in their bloodstream. This is how the disease “lives on.” For a downloadable link of the West Nile Virus Transmission Cycle from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, click on the picture above.

Questions should be directed to York County Emergency Management at 803-326-2300. As a reminder, all South Carolina municipalities can join in on the state term mosquito contract with Gregory Pest Solutions to treat for mosquitoes.

For more information please contact us at 800-922-2596 or email us at

Photo Credit: 9/18/17 FOX Carolina