Skunk Control and Prevention What is a skunk? Skunks are mammals with a distinctive physical appearance marked by black and white fur and a long, fluffy tail. Different species can vary in shades of black to brown, cream, or ginger, but they all have white warning coloration on their head and down … Read more about Skunks


Mice Control and Prevention What is a mouse? A mouse is a small rodent physically represented by a pointed snout, small round ears, a scaly tail as long as it's body, and a fairly productive breeding rate. There are over a thousand different species of mice worldwide, but only three that are … Read more about Mice


Smarter Mosquito Control and Removal Gregory Pest offers a proven monthly mosquito control program that will help protect your family and pets throughout mosquito season. We recommend this program because there is no way to know if a mosquito is carrying a disease. During mosquito season, which … Read more about Mosquitoes

Bed Bugs

Smarter Treatments for Bed Bugs What is a bed bug? Bed bugs are parasitic insects best known for their love of feeding on blood (usually human) and making homes in warm, enclosed spaces - usually bedding of some sort. They're small, usually between 4 and 5 mm long, and are reddish-brown in color. … Read more about Bed Bugs