Ants In Your Pantry?

Ants!  Those pesky little bugs that are small but oh so numerous!  They seem to come out of nowhere-- how do you get rid of them? Read on for some practical ways to get these pests out of your home. First things first, though.  What’s in your home that’s so enticing to ants? … Read more about Ants In Your Pantry?

World Pest Day

It’s World Pest Day!  Celebrate with us as we recognize how far the pest control industry and its employees have come!  Fun Facts The first pesticide applications were made by the Sumerians (the same people who created the first written language and invented the wheel) by using … Read more about World Pest Day


Skunk Control and Prevention What is a skunk? Skunks are mammals with a distinctive physical appearance marked by black and white fur and a long, fluffy tail. Different species can vary in shades of black to brown, cream, or ginger, but they all have white warning coloration on their head and down … Read more about Skunks


Mice Control and Prevention What is a mouse? A mouse is a small rodent physically represented by a pointed snout, small round ears, a scaly tail as long as it's body, and a fairly productive breeding rate. There are over a thousand different species of mice worldwide, but only three that are … Read more about Mice


Smarter Mosquito Control and Removal Gregory Pest offers a proven monthly mosquito control program that will help protect your family and pets throughout mosquito season. We recommend this program because there is no way to know if a mosquito is carrying a disease. During mosquito season, which … Read more about Mosquitoes

Bed Bugs

Smarter Treatments for Bed Bugs What is a bed bug? Bed bugs are parasitic insects best known for their love of feeding on blood (usually human) and making homes in warm, enclosed spaces - usually bedding of some sort. They're small, usually between 4 and 5 mm long, and are reddish-brown in color. … Read more about Bed Bugs