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About Gregory Pest Solutions

The talented team at Gregory Pest Solutions in Greenville, SC is dedicated to developing and maintaining long-term relationships with customers so that we're able to fully deliver on our promise of fast, ethical, and affordable pest solutions. Over the many years we’ve been active in the industry, we have developed a comprehensive pest management approach that combines inspection, exclusion, and monitoring to get even the peskiest of pests out of any home or business - guaranteed. Gregory’s IPM Pest service strategy is individually tailored to meet your pest prevention and pest control needs. Utilizing our knowledge based on biological, ecological, and environmental factors, we will identify the most effective service strategies for your home or business. We offer our services to those with a variety of needs, including small businesses, big businesses, multi-family buildings and residential homeowners.

Pest Control in Greenville and Throughout South Carolina

No matter who you are: small business owner, large business owner, or homeowner - if you have a pest problem and need pest control in Greenville or anywhere in South Carolina, call Gregory. Gregory Pest Solutions has the experience and trained technicians to take care of it quickly, affordably, and completely. We serve a wide variety of industries, from manufacturing to tech to retail and beyond. The services we provide include:
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