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It’s the personal touch that sets Gregory Pest Solutions apart from other companies. Family owned and locally operated since 1972, Gregory now provides a variety of pest solutions to the following states: South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia, Mississippi, and Louisiana. And we are continuing to expand our service area.

At Gregory, we are dedicated to providing pest solutions in a professional, ethical, caring manner that earns our customers’ trust and satisfaction. Above all else, we value the long-term relationships we create with our co-workers and customers.

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Gregory Pest Solutions COVID-19 FAQ

The coronavirus and subsequent nationwide shelter in place is changing how everything works very quickly. In an effort to be as clear as possible, we have answered all of the questions our customers may have about how the coronavirus is affecting Gregory Pest Solutions. Here’s what you should know:

Is Gregory Pest Solutions still open during the COVID-19 crisis shelter in place order?

Yes. As a public health and safety service, Gregory is considered an essential business during COVID-19 shelter in place and has received EPA approval to continue operating. All Gregory Pest Solutions locations are still open and available for immediate assistance at this time.

How is Gregory keeping customers and employees safe during the COVID-19 outbreak?

Gregory’s experts remain six feet away from clients whenever possible during service calls, wash and sanitize our hands frequently, and wear necessary personal protective equipment when servicing indoors. We also accept electronic service confirmation signatures via email, so you won’t have to approach us to sign off on our work.

Has COVID-19 affected Gregory’s regular business hours or services?

No. All Gregory Pest Solutions locations are available to provide all of our regular residential and commercial pest services during regular business hours at this time. We are experiencing no service delays or restrictions. If you need smarter pest control, Gregory is ready to help you now.

Can Gregory help protect my business from COVID-19?

Yes! In response to the coronavirus outbreak, Gregory is offering a new Disinfectix™ Site Disinfection Service. During our Disinfectix service, Gregory’s experts use EPA-approved cleansing agents to kill the COVID-19-causing virus on all at-risk surfaces within your business. See our Disinfectix page for more details.