Rooftop Honey Bee Hive

GB&D Owner, Alex, and son

Walking through the new Village of West Greenville in South Carolina, you may notice beautiful flowering plants along the side walks. These have been pollinated in part by honey bees that reside on the roof of locally owned restaurant Golden Brown & Delicious. Fox Carolina recently covered this story and interviewed our Pest Management Professional and on-staff Bee Keeper, Matt Tancibok, on why Gregory created Pollinator Protection Plan and new Honey Bee Hive Service for local businesses and homeowners.

Honey Bee Hive installation on the roof of Golden Brown & Delicious in Greenville, SC

Why Honey Bees?

Honey Bees are a integral part of our society and pollinate over 70% of our food crops. For example, honey bees almost exclusively pollinate almonds, which are used for a number of items we find at our grocery stores and let’s not forget honey, which is a staple in most households and restaurants and when consumed  can aid in seasonal allergy issues. Honey bees are docile and will not bother you unprovoked and need to be kept at top of mind. There are very few wild honey bee hive colonies left in the United States so it is vital that bee keepers continue to care for and maintain hives. This is why Gregory Pest Solutions is now offering Honey Bee Hive Services as part of our Pollinator Protection Plan. We’ve implemented this service in our Upstate District to complement our already existing Honey Bee Removal and Relocation Program and with this new service, we hope to further aid in the conservation effort of honey bees.

What is a Honey Bee Hive Service?

The service is centered on our honey bee specialist who is an experienced beekeeper. Our specialist will deliver and set up a hive box with starter bee colony to your property and introduce the bees to their new home. Then the specialist will perform monthly maintenance, inspections and service so you can rest assured your bees are cared for and protected. All maintenance materials required to service the hive will be provided by the specialist.

Are you in Upstate South Carolina and want to enjoy your own hive without the maintenance? Contact us today!