Residential Moisture Control Services

Moist, dark crawl spaces and basements with poor ventilation create a whole host of potential risks. They’re the ideal breeding ground for a wide variety of unpleasant pests and their nests. Termites, cockroaches, and silverfish love nothing more than a moist, dank crawl space.

That’s why Gregory Pest offers moisture control solutions: to help you protect your home, save money by avoiding costly repairs, and keep pests away. Our trained experts inspect your home and prepare a customized plan for optimal ventilation and moisture control. We use a lot of different tools and techniques to better protect your homes. We use specialized power vents (Temp Vent) that open and close automatically, dehumidifier systems, and protective vapor barriers to keep moisture and pests out.

Once our plans are implemented, pest protection isn’t the only benefit you’ll be able to enjoy. You’ll also have decreased humidity, better air quality, and lower heating and cooling bills. Call us to schedule today!

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