Moist, wet crawl spaces or basements with poor ventilation can cause health problems and invite insects and pests. Plus, if moisture eats away at your home’s foundation, repairs can be costly. (In the United States, homeowners spend billions of dollars annually on foundation decay.) Wood rot, mold, and termites love a moist, dank crawl space. Gregory can help you protect your home and your family.

Our trained experts will come to your home, and after careful inspection, will give you a customized plan for optimal ventilation and moisture control. We use specialized power vents (Temp Vent) that open and close automatically, dehumidifiers systems, and vapor barriers to protect our home. Our professionals will recommend the right plan for your home and your specific situation and soon you will enjoy:


  • Immediately decreased moisture and humidity in your home
  • Better air quality in your crawl space and improved indoor air quality in your home
  • Lower heating and cooling bills, up to 18%

Don’t let moisture destroy your home and your health.