Residential Moisture Control Services

Moist, dank crawl spaces and basements with poor ventilation create a whole host of potential infestation risks. They’re the ideal breeding ground for a wide variety of unpleasant pests and their offspring. Termites, cockroaches, and silverfish love nothing more than hidden, dark, wet, out of the way spaces.

That’s why Gregory Pest offers moisture control solutions: to help you protect your home. This personalized residential pest control service saves you money by helping you avoid costly repairs, and keep pests away. Our trained experts inspect your home and prepare a customized plan for optimal ventilation and moisture control. We use a lot of different tools and techniques to better protect your homes. We use specialized power vents (Temp Vent) that open and close automatically, dehumidifier systems, and protective vapor barriers to keep moisture and pests out. If you’re wondering whether or not you have a moisture problem in your home, don’t fret. Here are the five main signs it’s time for you to contact the pros about home moisture control:

  • Visible staining and peeling. Your walls, ceilings, and floors are going to be the first part of your house to show visible signs of moisture. They tend to absorb moisture more easily than other parts of your home’s structure. Look for dark staining on your ceiling. Dark brown stains that fade around the edges are a sign of internal moisture. This combined with peeling wallpaper, warped flooring, and other abnormalities are big signs of moisture problems.
  • Musty smell. With moisture problems comes mold. Mold, when left to develop undisturbed, has a distinct smell. Musty, like old books or rooms that have been shut for too long. If scents like that persist throughout your home, you have a problem.
  • You’re having problems with your electronics. Moisture levels above 70 or 70% can start negatively affecting electronic devices within your home. It can corrode contacts inside these devices that leads to repeatedly shorting circuits.

If you notice any of these signs, especially if they’re coupled with signs of pests, it’s time to call the pros at Gregory Pest. Once our customized plans are implemented, pest protection isn’t the only benefit you’ll be able to enjoy. You’ll also have decreased humidity, better air quality, and lower heating and cooling bills. Call us to schedule today!

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