Our 50 years’ experience means you get experts who know how to customize pest control for any type of government facility. Our experts work with all governments including city, county, state, and federal (including military installations). Small field offices, high-rise office buildings, large campuses are just a few of the types of government properties we take care of. And our services extend even outside of buildings which includes vans, buses, trains, and all forms of public transportation as well. Along with prompt expert service, we offer streamlined reporting and billing.

 Swift Response and Support

Our State-of-the Art Paperless Electronic Data Recording with Web Portal Access is Available for ALL Clients. With one location or many, you can track what is going on in your facilities in real time. The account belongs to your company, and you can customize who has access to the account, alert levels, and trending reports that fit your needs. Designed by a national team of specialists, with strong client input, we feel it is the best the industry has to offer.

Our range of service extends throughout South Carolina and North Carolina. Specialized partnering commercial services are also available in Georgia, Virginia, Delaware, Washington DC, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Florida, and beyond.

Gregory’s Commercial Pest Specialists will perform a comprehensive needs analysis of your facility and work with you to create the program that best suits your needs.

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