Changes Are Coming For the Foodservice Industry. Are You Ready?

Compliance with the FDA food code in North Carolina will now require food safety certification of the Person in Charge (PIC). According to the North Carolina Food Code Manual, food safety inspections will now require PICS to “demonstrate to the regulatory authority knowledge of foodborne disease prevention, application of Hazard Analysis and Critical control point principles, and the requirements of this code.”

In order to demonstrate this knowledge, the PIC must pass a test designed by an American National Standards Institute. Lack of nationally-recognized certification will result in a two-point violation. Other Southeastern states are reviewing their processes and may soon implement similar changes. In other words: if you don’t want to be significantly penalized, all food preparation businesses must receive certification by passing a test. To pass that test, you’ll have to demonstrate knowledge of the state’s food health and safety code.

How Can You Make Sure You’re Properly Certified?

That’s where we come in. You can hire Gregory’s Department of Food Safety Protection to train your business in all aspects of food safety training. Our experts can make sure your food preparation business is up to state and federal health codes and regulations. We’ll also walk you through each part of your state’s Food Service regulations and audits, along with federal regulations.

We have the experience and knowledge to help your company know what to expect and to meet food safety expectations. Gregory is up-to-date on compliance issues, so you can be too. Schedule a training course today to get everything you need for certification.

Gregory Department of Food Protection Services Include:

AUDIT PROTECTION: Gregory’s Food & Safety experts take you through an auditing process step-by-step. We make sure your company complies with current state and federal health standards. See a full list of the Audits we can prepare your company for here.

CUSTOMIZED AUDITING: We customize an audit to fit your unique needs and regulatory compliances. We conduct your customized vendor/supplier audit to determine your level of risk.

REGULATORY CONSULTING: We provide you with a professional Regulatory Liaison who interfaces with Local/State/Federal agencies. Your Liaison will research and answer all your questions relating to products, processes, and procedures.

RESEARCH & CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Client Product Sampling – Retrieval and maintenance of Chain of Custody to a lab of the client’s choice.

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