We understand the unique needs that come with providing pest management for manufacturing plants and factories. You depend on a safe, clean environment to keep your employees healthy and your product free from damage or contamination. 

With 50 years of experience, Gregory’s dedicated experts create customized pest control programs designed for your specific facility. We work with your teams to make sure we identify all potential pest issues and that your company meets all quality requirements. 

Common factory Pests

Here are the most common pests we see in factories, manufacturing plants and food processing facilities along with signs to watch for:

  • Rodents: Rat and mouse populations can grow quickly and lead to significant damage and contamination. Rodents are notorious disease vectors that will chew nearly anything including electrical cords, boxes and building materials. Look for rice-shaped droppings, nests, holes in walls and grease trails. 
  • Flies: These buzzing nuisances congregate around damp areas like sinks and floor drains. They can contaminate food items and can be difficult to manage. Watch for clouds of insects and maggots, especially around garbage containers, ejector pumps and gray or brown water pipes. 
  • Stored Product Pests: Also known as pantry pests, insects like moths, beetles and weevils are common invaders in the manufacturing world. They burrow into dried food goods and leave worm-like larvae. Look for holes in packaging and check food products for insects, larvae and webbing.
  • Cockroaches: Tenacious and hungry, cockroaches will follow food trails wherever they can. They are fond of cardboard boxes and will slip through the narrowest of crevices. Monitor dark, damp areas for eggs, nymphs and strange, musty odors.
  • Birds: Once they get in, birds can be difficult to remove and are a sanitation nightmare. Call a professional pest control company to identify points of entry or provide netting to keep them out. Look for nests, droppings and contaminated products.
Infographic showing common factory pest infestation areas.

Industrial Pest Control Solutions for all Manufacturers

Gregory works with a variety of manufacturing companies and suppliers to ensure they operate free of pests. Industries we create custom programs for include:

  • Food and Beverage Manufacturing: Protect your facility with safe and diligent food manufacturing pest control methods that ensure you meet FDA and HACCP guidelines.
  • Pharmaceuticals: High-level pharmaceutical pest management mitigates the risk of contamination in delicate operations.
  • Textiles and Apparel: Moths, beetles and rodents are an ongoing threat to textile manufacturers. Implement the right strategies for prevention and control.
  • Automotive and Electronics: Protect expensive equipment against pests that damage parts and components. Our programs run without impacting the production line or product quality.

Compliance-Focused Pest Control

Our experts’ training is site-specific. We design unique programs to meet the needs of manufacturing companies across all vectors from raw material suppliers through the manufacturing process, packaging and logistics.

Whether you are a supplier or manufacturer, we make sure your facility is in compliance with all national or international quality-monitoring regulations. This includes safety and compliance standards as well as best practices for manufacturing pest control. 


Because we take brand protection seriously, client confidentiality agreements are an inherent part of our service. Communication is important to us and we make sure our experts work with our company and yours to ensure ongoing satisfaction with our work.

Untreated pest control issues can spiral out of control quickly, especially in large facilities where pests easily hide. Gregory is committed to a comprehensive approach to pest prevention that addresses your entire manufacturing facility and maintains your reputation as a dependable and safe leader in your industry.

Workers process crackers in a food manufacturing plant.

Swift Response and Continued Support

When pest problems arise, you need a quick and effective response. We understand the urgency required and we’re always ready to step in with integrated pest management solutions (IPM) that are proven successful in manufacturing environments. 

Trust our six-step G Smart™ approach to identify, eliminate and prevent all major factory pests. Gregory’s commercial pest specialists will perform a comprehensive needs analysis of your facility and work with you to create the program that best suits your needs. Additionally, we offer disinfecting services to address areas of contamination.

Our state-of-the-art paperless electronic data recording is available to all clients via web portal access. Whether single or multiple locations, you can track what is going on in your facilities in real time. The account belongs to your company, and you can customize:

  • Who has access to the account
  • Alert levels
  • Trending reports that fit your needs

Designed by a national team of specialists and based on strong client input, we feel it is the best the industry has to offer. 

The Gregory Difference

When considering best practices for manufacturing plant pest control, you can count on Gregory to check every box. Our experts are responsive, thorough and discreet through every step of the process. We know how to treat existing issues and we’ll teach your staff how to prevent pests in your manufacturing facilities. Schedule your consultation today. 

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