Smarter pest control for your manufacturing facility begins with Gregory Pest Solutions. Our 50 years’ experience means you get experts who know how to customize pest control for your specific facility and make sure your company meets quality requirements.

Our Service

Our experts’ training is site-specific, so we can design your customized program to meet your needs from raw material suppliers through the manufacturing process, packaging, and logistics.

Whether you are a supplier or manufacturer, we make sure your facility is in compliance with any national or international quality-monitoring program. We work hard to ensure your facility meets safety and compliance standards with manufacturing facility requirements of Best Manufacturing Practices. Because we take brand protection seriously, client confidentiality agreements are an inherent part of our service. Communication is important to us; therefore, we make sure our experts work with our company and yours to ensure you are satisfied with our work.

Our highly trained technicians work in and with facilities that manufacture such products as automobiles, eating utensils (plates, drinking straws, cups), plastics, coatings, glass, brooms, electronics, clothing, tires, etc. No matter the manufacturing facility, our customized services ensure your company meets the highest standards.

Swift Response and Support

Our State-of-the Art Paperless Electronic Data Recording with Web Portal Access is available for all clients. With one location or many, you can track what is going on in your facilities in real time. The account belongs to your company, and you can customize who has access to the account, alert levels, and trending reports that fit your needs. Designed by a national team of specialists, with strong client input, we feel it is the best the industry has to offer. Gregory’s Commercial Pest Specialists will perform a comprehensive needs analysis of your facility and work with you to create the program that best suits your needs.

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