At Gregory Pest Solutions, we are proud to be a premier source of high-quality commercial pest control services. That includes providing access to the best bed bug detection dogs in the southeast. These specially-trained pups are ideal for large properties with many different rooms that need to be swept quickly and efficiently. Their keen sense of smell helps our experts find and destroy bed bugs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Canine detection is a more precise and targeted approach to identifying and dealing with bed bugs. With the help of our one-of-a-kind canines, we provide ideal pest control solutions for your particular needs.

Our canine bed bug detection services are ideal for:

  • Multi-Family Housing
  • Apartments and Condominiums
  • Hotels, Motels and Resort Properties
  • Single-family homes
  • Offices
  • Dormitories
  • …and your business!

How does canine bed bug detection work?

When it comes to comparison, a dog’s nose is at least 10,000 times more acute than a human’s. Some researchers believe they’re up to 100,000 times more sensitive. Either way, a dog’s nose can smell things a person’s can’t even fathom. Even more impressive, dogs are capable of using each of their nostrils independently of one another. That means they can pick out multiple different scents in various areas of a room simultaneously. Bed bugs have a faint but distinct scent. With large enough infestations, even humans can smell them. Because dogs’ noses are so much more sensitive, they’re capable of picking up much smaller infestations, culling problems before they’re severe.

The way bed bug dogs are trained is similar to the way dogs are trained for drug detection. Many different games and processes are used depending on the specific dog and trainer, but the main idea remains. You train the dog to associate the smell you want detected with a favorite toy. When they pick up on that smell, they’re reminded that every time they find that toy they get a reward. Maybe it’s with a game of tug o’ war or a treat. The trainers repeat this exercise and test it in various ways until it’s second nature for the dog. All bed bug detecting dogs receive this training for both live bed bugs and larval eggs. In other words, our dogs can detect and help prevent bed bug infestations before they even begin!

Why should I choose canine bed bug services?

  • Canine detection can more easily locate difficult-to-find infestations.
  • Canine inspections tend to take much less time than traditional inspections.
  • Because of their speed, the dogs are more capable of handling multi-room areas that are in need of an efficient “sweep.”
  • A bed bug canine team is capable of detecting the presence of just one bug. This means regular canine inspections can save you money by finding signs of bed bugs before they even become infestations.

If you’re interested in learning more about Gregory Pest’s canine bed bug detection services, give us a call today. We’re always happy to walk you through the process and even introduce you to our team of trusted pest-busting pups.

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