Residential Pest Control Services

Since 1972, Gregory Pest Solutions has been providing homeowners a smarter way to manage their pest control. From South and North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama, we’ve been offering families just like yours the residential pest control services they need for decades.

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer an ecologically-friendly pest control solutions that not only reduce existing pests, but prevent future infestations as well. Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor assistance, or insect or rodent control, our highly trained technicians have the skills to meet your needs.

Family First

As a homeowner, you need to protect your assets. Not only do you need to protect your home and possessions, you need to keep your loved ones safe as well. With over forty years as a family-owned business, Gregory Pest Solutions understands this. Because you care for your home, you need the best. Think smarter. Think Gregory.

Our Residential Pest Control Services Include:

  • Our Residential Pest Protection Plans offer your home continuous protection from problem pests. We’ll develop a custom prevention plan that takes into account your home, needs, and specific concerns.
  • Termite Control and Removal keeps your home protected from the dangers of a termite infestation, including furniture destruction and damage to your home’s infrastructure.
  • Mosquito Control from Gregory Pest is the solution you need to keep away these purveyors of dangerous disease and filth.
  • Our Bed Bug Treatments will allow you to sleep easy, knowing your home is free of these stubborn pests. 
  • Honey Bee Hive Services are now available to Gregory’s customers in Upstate South Carolina! Read about what this service entails. 
  • Crawl Space and Moisture Control services from Gregory Pest help you fix your home’s environment so it isn’t a natural draw for pests that are drawn to dark, wet places.
  • We offer pest control for any type of pest you may have. Browse our Pest Identification library to help identify which type of pest you need help eradicating whether it is rodents, wildlife, or any type of insect.
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