In the hospitality industry, protecting your guests and your properties from pests is critical for long-term success. Your reputation and profitability are on the line. Gregory Pest Solutions is an industry leader that provides solutions to hotels and lodging of all types across the Southeast. We offer discreet, high-quality commercial pest control services that comply with local and federal regulations so that your business remains in good standing.

When it comes to pest control for hotels and the hospitality industry, our integrated pest management program delivers long-term pest solutions as opposed to quick fixes. We combine a variety of pest management practices, including sanitation, mechanical, and cultural controls. We treat each facility with a customized, eco-friendly approach that effectively eliminates pest problems without endangering guests or employees.

Why Hospitality Pest Control?

Time is of the essence when you need hotel or resort pest control. Without a fast and effective response, you risk:

  • High Guest Turnover: A guest who wakes up after their first night covered in bed bug bites isn’t likely to stick around.
  • Multiple Feeding Grounds: Managing pests in areas with kitchens and dining areas is crucial for health and safety.
  • Brand Reputation: In the modern age, word travels fast. Don’t be known as the “bed bug hotel” or “the cafeteria with the cockroaches.”
  • Regulatory Compliance: Adhering to health and safety regulations is key to your operations. Don’t risk fines or even shut down because of pest issues.

Common Hospitality Pests

Businesses in the hospitality industry often face specific and tenacious pest problems. Unfortunately, being a constant hub for travelers can make you an easy target. Below are the most common pests we help businesses like yours navigate and eliminate:

  • Bed Bugs: Because they latch on to people and luggage, these miniature hitchhikers are prevalent in lodging facilities.They spread quickly and disappear into the folds of beds and other nooks until night when they emerge to feed. Bed bugs are difficult to detect and more difficult to remove. Train your staff to know the signs of bed bugs and call in a professional as soon as you suspect activity.
  • Rodents: Rats and mice are serious health risks and can cause damage to your property. Once established, both types of rodents breed and populate quickly. It’s critical to identify entry points, eliminate nests and remove all incentives for rodents to return. A dedicated pest expert can help with each phase of control. 
  • Cockroaches: Nothing can tarnish a facility’s reputation faster than a cockroach scuttling across the floor in broad daylight. Cockroaches are slim and can easily squeeze into your building, eventually finding their way into kitchens, guest rooms and common areas. Professional monitoring and extermination are key to keeping them away.
  • Flies and Mosquitoes: Any buzzing insect can quickly become a nuisance to your guests. Flies and mosquitoes pose an additional threat as they are vectors for health issues and diseases. A commercial pest professional can minimize the impact these pests have, especially in outdoor and dining areas.
  • Termites and Carpenter Ants: Burrowing insects put the structural integrity of your property at risk. Because they operate inside walls and floors, regular inspections are an important prevention tactic, especially in climates where termites thrive. If you identify termite or ant damage of any kind, have a trained pest technician thoroughly examine the premises for additional areas of pest infestation.

Your Bed Bug Eliminator

Gregory recognizes the unique issues that bed bugs present to the hospitality industry. That is why we’ve invested in and developed our state-of-the-art Bed Bug Heat Remediation System that eliminates bed bugs in a quick, convenient and cost-effective manner. Target specific areas of your property without disrupting unaffected areas. Heat treatment is completely safe and avoids the use of chemical sprays.

Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs: The Gregory Canine Team

At Gregory Pest Solutions, we use the hardest working bed bug detection dogs in The Southeast. These specially-trained pups are ideal for hospitality pest control when we need to sweep many different rooms efficiently. Their keen sense of smell helps our experts find and destroy bed bugs quickly and quietly.

Canine detection is a more precise and targeted approach to identifying and dealing with bed bugs. With the help of our one-of-a-kind canines, you’ll know you’re getting the most comprehensive bed bug treatment available.

Food Service Safety

Hotel pest control usually means food service pest control. The two go hand in hand. Because your customers’ dining experience during their stay depends on a clean, pest-free environment, Gregory’s experts incorporate prevention and control techniques specific to food handling. We have extensive experience in restaurant pest control and have developed the premier pest management program in the industry.

A family of four walks through a clean hotel lobby.

Hospitality Businesses We Serve

No matter who your guests are or where they came from, your goal is to give them a positive experience while on your property. We’re here to help with targeted pest control solutions for: 

  • Multi-family housing
  • Rental properties
  • Hotels and lodges
  • Convention centers
  • Theme parks
  • Theaters
  • Restaurants
  • Office buildings

No matter what type of facility you run, you can trust Gregory’s professional team to respond swiftly and effectively.

Why Choose Gregory for Hospitality and Hotel Pest Control Services?

Our experienced team understands pest behavior and how it impacts your business. We are the wedge that keeps pests from returning and disrupting business. We offer quick and quiet responses backed with extensive follow up.

Through our online client portal, you can see your account data and track our activity in your facilities in real time. Customize your account access and reporting data or program alerts when you want them. We’re your full time pest control partner.

Call Gregory today and get a jump on whatever pest problem you’re encountering. We bring peace of mind to hospitality business leaders like you every day. 

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