Smarter Commercial Termite Treatment

Termites are the most serious wood-destroying pests in North America. Termite colonies bore through wood, carving

Every year, termite infestations cause upwards of $5 billion in damage as they eat through furniture, inventory, and building infrastructure. Many insurance plans don’t cover the costs incurred by termite-based damage. The damage termites inflict accelerates as colonies spread and tunnel deeper into the wood they’re infesting.

The faster you can deal with a termite infestation, the more damage you can prevent. If you suspect you have an infestation in your business, get in touch with Gregory. We’re your experts in southern states termite treatment with full-service commercial solutions.

Gregory Commercial Termite Treatment Programs

Gregory’s specialists provide commercial termite treatment designed to eliminate colonies and keep them from re-establishing themselves in the future. We solve your problem with Smarter Solutions using the most effective termite elimination technology available, including: 

Sentricon Colony Elimination System®

For the ultimate in eco-friendly termite treatment, choose Sentricon®. The Sentricon® System is a termite baiting system designed to eliminate the entire subterranean colony, including its source: the queen.

When we install Sentricon, we place underground bait stations around your property’s perimeter to form a ring of protection. Termites then find the bait stations, feed on the bait, and transmit it back to the rest of the colony. After feeding, termites are unable to molt, and the colony—including the queen—is eliminated. The system acts both preventatively and curatively by addressing active infestations and keeping colonies from returning.

Sentricon is also Always Active™, which means it protects properties continuously year-round with minimal maintenance required. 

To apply the Sentricon® System to commercial properties, technicians must become Certified Sentricon Specialists™ who meet strict standards of quality assurance. All the termite elimination experts at Gregory Pest Control are Certified Sentricon Specialists. They receive the ongoing training, education, and support required to make sure you receive the best service possible. After applying the Always Active™ system, Gregory’s experts monitor it annually, ensuring year-round, guaranteed protection.

Termidor® Insecticide-Termiticide

For superior performance in liquid termite extermination, we use Termidor®. The unique chemical formula comes with an extended warranty and delivers continued results. Speak to one of our termite exterminators in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Virginia, Tennessee, Washington D.C., Mississippi, and Louisiana about complete termite extermination and treatment for your business.

Commercial Termite FAQ

Do termites smell?

A large termite mud tube along the exterior of a commercial building.

Yes. If you notice a mold or mildew smell in your business, it could be a sign of termites. Contact a pest professional to inspect the space in question.

Do termites leave sawdust?

Not exactly. Termites eat wood and other plant based foods for cellulose and nutrients. Drywood termites do leave waste that looks like sawdust but subterranean termites leave small pellets that appear very similar to sawdust.

Do swarming termites mean infestation?

Possibly. Swarming termites are seeking locations to begin new colonies. If your business has the right environment with damp, rotted wood, they might be moving in.

Where do termites come from?

In the wild, termites live in rotten trees or underground in the soil. To start new colonies they send out swarmers or flying termites to scout locations to settle in.

What are signs of termites?

Signs include:
·        Moldy or mildew smell
·        Visible burrows
·        Chewed wood
·        Sawdust-like pellets
·        Mud tunnels

What attracts termites?

Soft rotting wood that is easy to burrow in along with a reliable water source.

How long do termites live?

Most termites live 1-2 years but the queen can live 25 years. Don’t expect termites in your business to die off or go away on their own.

Protect Your Business Against Termites

If you think your business has a termite infestation, don’t wait! Get in touch with Gregory right away for a Smarter commercial termite treatment solution you can count on. We’ll wipe out your infestation and make sure it never comes back.

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