How Do I Get Bed Bugs?

Since their explosive re-emergence in the 1990s, bed bugs have become a huge problem pest throughout the U.S. for both homes and businesses. They are bloodsucking insects that spread by hitchhiking on unsuspecting travelers. This means they can show up in any structure people move in and out of. Bed bugs frequently infest hospitality, multi-housing, educational, and medical facilities, but they’re frustratingly common across all industries. 

Bed bugs are particularly troublesome for businesses. A bed bug infestation could ruin your reputation, subject you to fines, or even shut you down! Bed bug infestations are nearly impossible to remove without professional help because bed bugs constantly lay nearly-microscopic eggs. If your business has a bed bug infestation, give Gregory Pest Solutions a call today. We help businesses of all kinds and sizes quickly and safely move past their pest problems.

How to Tell if I Have Bed Bugs

There are two steps to Gregory’s smarter commercial bed bug control: identification and elimination. Both steps are crucial because if we don’t find and wipe out every single bed bug, the infestation will recur. Luckily, Gregory has developed Smarter Solutions for both bed bug identification and elimination. We find your businesses’ entire infestation and wipe it out completely. Here’s how our process works:

Step One: Bed bug-sniffing Dog Identification

A mass of bed bugs discovered along the seam of a mattress.

Gregory specially trains dogs to sniff out bed bugs in commercial buildings. Even if you know how to check if you have bed bugs, these dogs specialize in locating every bed bug in large target areas. We use bed bug-sniffing dogs to search apartments, hotels, and even warehouses for infestations. Dogs are highly-effective bed bug identifiers because they can sniff out bed bug eggs and larvae along with adult insects.

Our canine bed bug units will scour your business to find all of the bed bugs. We know that even a handful of overlooked bed bugs can mean a return infestation that your business can’t afford to risk. After our canine inspection, we’ll know where to focus our bed bug extermination efforts.

Step Two: Thermal Remediation® Heat Treatment

Do bed bugs like heat? While bed bugs seek out warm quiet places to establish their nests, extreme heat will kill them. Thermal Remediation heat treatments are the most effective, least intrusive, and most environmentally-friendly way to combat bed bugs in your business. 

Our experts subject each of the areas identified in step one with concentrated heat treatments of 120° F or higher. Treatment continues for four hours until the heat has killed all bed bug adults, larvae, and eggs. Our team may also apply residual pesticides to nooks and crannies in target areas to ensure we get every bed bug. After treatment, we conduct a final inspection to make sure we’ve fully eliminated the infestation.

Thermal Remediation is so effective because applied 120°+ F heat effectively kills bed bugs at every stage of development. By eliminating eggs, larvae, and adults, we can ensure that bed bug infestations don’t “revive” after we’ve left. Residual pesticides are important because they help eliminate bugs from areas where the heat may not reach completely. Together, these techniques allow us to treat entire facilities effectively and unobtrusively, so that you can return to business as usual. Gregory can and has eliminated bed bug infestations from schools, hotels, assisted living facilities, and more. To find out how much heat treatment is for bed bugs in your space, call Gregory today.

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The longer you wait to deal with a bed bug infestation, the more entrenched and spread out bed bugs become. As soon as you suspect your business has bed bugs, don’t hesitate to call Gregory Pest Solutions. We’re committed to complete bed bug remediation so that you, your staff and your customers remain safe and healthy. Call Gregory today!

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