Gregory Pest Solutions already helps protect businesses like yours from pests. Now, we can help protect your workplace and employees from the coronavirus, as well. Gregory is proud to offer our new Disinfectix™ Site Disinfection service to help businesses affected by COVID-19 prevent the spread of the virus on their work site.

During our Disinfectix building disinfection service, Gregory’s experts systematically disinfect all surfaces in your workplace using disinfection products deemed effective against SARS-CoV-2. The goal of Disinfectix is to minimize the invisible threats that endanger you, your employees, and your customers as effectively as possible, with as little disruption as possible. Whether you’re closed, operating at reduced capacity, or conducting essential business services, Disinfectix is a great way to help ensure the health and safety of your space.

As an essential service provider, the EPA has approved Gregory Pest Solutions to offer Disinfectix services to all of our commercial customers during all regular business hours. If you need a Coronavirus cleaning company, call and schedule today. We’re always ready to help you stay safe.

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Disinfectix FAQ

Want more information about how Gregory’s Disinfectix service works? Here’s everything you should know:

What is a “Disinfection” service? Is it like a cleaning service?

Disinfectix actually disinfects, rather than merely cleans and/or sanitizes, your workplace. Cleaning your workplace reduces germs on surfaces. Sanitizing lowers the amount of germs on surfaces to safe levels. Disinfecting surfaces goes further. Disinfection actually kills germs, making it a much more effective means of protecting against the coronavirus.

How does disinfection kill the coronavirus?

The EPA has tested and proven the disinfection products we use to be effective at killing the novel SARS-CoV-2 virus. Our professional application of these disinfectants will kill the virus on all non-porous surfaces.

Why do I need disinfection services?

Minimizing the coronavirus risk in your workplace is a top priority for all business owners during this pandemic. Disinfection works as either a highly effective proactive, preventative measure or as a means of removing the virus from known infected areas. Gregory’s Disinfectix service is a great way to help ensure your workplace is safe.

Can I disinfect my workplace myself?

Yes, but not as effectively as professionals can. Disinfection is simple, but it must it requires an expert’s precision and thoroughness to be truly effective. During a Disinfectix service, Gregory follows an exhaustive procedure to make absolutely sure we disinfect your workplace as effectively as possible.

How does the Disinfectix treatment process work?

The Disinfectix treatment process consists of three steps:

1. Prep: Before any work begins, you’ll receive detailed information about how to prep your space. We will instruct you to remove plants, cover fish tanks, remove visible soiling from surfaces, and more. Just before we begin work, we will have you turn off your HVAC system to ensure the proper application, coverage, and contact time of our disinfection products.  

2. Inspection and disinfection: We’ll inspect your facility and disinfect high-touch, non-porous surfaces including (but not limited to) door handles, counters, walls, equipment, desks, and food prep tables. Depending on the surface, we might mop, spray, sponge, or towel to ensure proper disinfection.  

3. Completion: Once we’ve finished the treatment, we’ll carefully remove all of our equipment and materials. The property will need to remain vacant for a short time to let the disinfectant dry. Our product only requires 10 minutes of contact time, so you should be back in your space with minimal disruption. We’ll leave follow-up instructions as needed.

How long will the Disinfectix service take?

Treatment times vary based on the type of business and size of facility. Generally, you are able to resume using your workplace shortly after the product dries. We will give you a more exact estimate when we receive details about your business from you during the “prep” phase.

How long does the Disinfectix service last?

Disinfection lasts until germs are re-introduced to the environment. The product we use does not continue to kill germs after it dries. As people begin to return to the building, surfaces will become re-contaminated. You should consider making Disinfectix an ongoing service, especially as the outbreak continues.

Why should I choose Gregory’s disinfection service?

You should choose Gregory Pest Solutions because our leadership, people, products, and protocols will all put your Business First:

  • Our leadership team is comprised of some of the industry’s leading authorities and experts, and have developed industry-leading, nuanced, and science-based disinfecting methodologies. These teams are also monitoring the ever-evolving situation to ensure our services are following the latest CDC and OSHA guidelines.  
  • Our people are professionally trained in these treatment methods, experienced with the products, and equipped with the tools and protective equipment to do disinfection right.  
  • Our products are deemed effective by the EPA for use against SARS-CoV2, the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19. That’s not the case for every product on the market. Our disinfection procedures will kill the coronavirus on surfaces in your workplace.  
  • Our protocols are stringent, and they address everything from application techniques to surface contact levels to product contact times.

It’s our business to know businesses like yours inside and out. Every day, we service thousands of locations in major industries nationwide. Disinfection was already a component of our Smarter Pest Control solutions, so we have the knowhow and experience to perform it as effectively as possible. Every step of the way, we communicate with you to make sure we’re performing beyond your highest expectations. We will disinfect your business effectively.

Bottom line: you should choose Gregory Pest Solutions because you can trust that we’ll do your disinfection right, every time. No one puts business first like Gregory.

Who should I contact if I’m interested in Disinfectix services?

Just contact us online, get in touch with your local Gregory branch, or call us at 1-800-391-5218. We look forward to helping your business stay safe.