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Mosquito Control and Zika Virus

Because there is no way to know if a mosquito is carrying a disease, Gregory Pest Solutions offers you a proven monthly mosquito control program that will help protect your family and pets throughout mosquito season. From April through October, we will treat your yard, landscape and the foundation of your home using control agents that help reduce the population of adult mosquitoes and can prevent larval mosquitoes from breeding.

The National Pest Management Association has released an Industry Alert regarding the Zika Virus. They are stating that, "The news of Zika virus, a disease causing pathogen spread to humans through mosquito bites, being found in the U.S. is quickly gaining momentum and receiving national attention from the media as human cases are being confirmed in states across the country, including FL, TX, NY, NJ and more. In addition to the illness associated with the virus, there is great concern about the virus' potential effect in pregnant women as there is mounting evidence of a link to microcephaly, a congenital condition associated with incomplete brain development in infants." So far, people that have contracted the disease have traveled to other countries. To find out more and to read the full report, please visit NPMA. As it begins to warm, mosquitoes will begin buzzing in the Southeast and Gregory Pest Solutions will be there for you with a treatment plan.

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