Smarter Pest and Termite Fumigation Solutions

Some pest infestations can be so damaging that you can’t afford not to intervene. Termites aren’t just another nuisance pest–they pose a substantial risk to your home or business. When you need pests eradicated as swiftly and efficiently as possible, you need Gregory’s smarter commercial or house fumigation services.  

Unfortunately, termites can be difficult to eliminate entirely. They burrow deep into the wood and substructures of the buildings they infest by carving hollow “galleries” in wood. To reliably wipe out termites, your pest control needs to reach termites in their galleries, no matter where they are. To do that, you’ll need whole structure fumigation.  

How Fumigation Works

Before the fumigation job starts, you remove people, consumables (food, drinks, medicine, etc.), and plants from your structure. Next, a team of fumigation experts will prepare your property. They’ll seal off entryways and windows and open inside doors and drawers to maximize the effectiveness of the fumigation. After preparing the inside, the team uses tarps and fastening tools to seal off the site of the infestation entirely. This is called “tenting” the property. Tenting the site thoroughly is crucial to assuring the effectiveness and safety of the treatment.  

Once the site is secured, your technicians introduce an airborne gas, or fumigant, into the structure. The fumigant is specially designed to kill termites. It completely fills the enclosed space, penetrating even the deepest recesses of wood fibers by entering through tiny openings. Fumigant is continuously introduced for hours or, in some cases, even days. After the fumigation process completes, our experts will test the air inside the structure to make sure it’s safe. Then, they’ll perform a follow-up inspection on the structure and prepare it for your re-entry.

When You Need It

Termite infestations only get worse the longer they go unchecked. As termites expand their colonies, they create larger and more intricate galleries within your structure. Over time, these galleries can significantly compromise the structural integrity of your building and lead to major damage. Termites can also infest other wood products, including your furniture, lumber, and stored goods.

If you think you have a termite infestation, we suggest you get in touch with us right away. Our experts will evaluate the nature and severity of your infestation and suggest the best course of action. After an inspection, we will be able to tell you whether a fumigation tent is the right choice for you and why. Don’t wait for termite damage to get even more expensive; call Gregory Pest Solutions today!

Why Gregory Pest Fumigation?

The technicians at Gregory are your local fumigation experts. Our Smarter Fumigation is safer and more effective and with results that last. Gregory’s fumigation can truly be called “Smarter” because we have:

Better Tools: Gregory uses only the latest fumigation technology, including safer, more effective fumigants and better sealants.

Smarter Materials: Gregory’s experts use materials customized for your specific needs. We design the tenting, fumigation process, and inspection around your structure to ensure no termite goes untreated.

Smarter Techs: Everyone on Gregory’s fumigation team are experts with years of training, experience, and expertise. They know how to perform effective fumigation because they’ve done it for your neighbors and local businesses.

Smarter Techniques: Gregory uses fumigation as part of its larger, integrated approach to pest control. We don’t just stop after eliminating your pests; we make sure they can’t come back, either.

Facilities We Fumigate

Gregory designs custom fumigation strategies for a wide variety of facilities and structures, including:

  • Homes
  • Commercial Facilities
  • Commodities
  • Railcars
  • Containers

Fumigation FAQ

What is fumigation?

Fumigation is a comprehensive process in which an odorless toxic gas is released into an enclosed structure to kill pests.

What does fumigation do?

The released gas permeates all surfaces within the enclosed structure to reach and kill burrowing pests that are otherwise inaccessible. Fumigation effectiveness lies in its ability to eliminate unseen pests.

What happens during fumigation?

Your structure will be enclosed in an airtight tent by a team of pest control technicians. They then release a pesticide into the structure and allow it to permeate all surfaces to reach termites. The amount and duration of treatment depends on the level of infestation and size of the affected structure.

What does tenting a house do?

Tenting seals in the pesticide gas so that it can permeate all the surfaces of your home without escaping.

How to prepare for fumigation?

The main prep you need to worry about is removing all people, animals, plants and consumables from the location. This includes all food, drinks and medications. Cosmetics, shampoo and soap are safe if they’re in bottles or containers.

How long does fumigation take?

Anywhere from six hours to one week. The length of treatment depends on multiple factors including:
·        Level of infestation
·        Size of structure
·        Temperature
·        Amount of pesticide needed
Once treatment is complete and the tent is removed, the building will need sufficient time to ventilate before you’re able to return to it.

How long after fumigation is it safe to return?

Fumigation is a highly regulated process. Your fumigation company will allow your structure to properly ventilate before testing it for safety. Once they determine it is safe for humans to be on premise, they will give you an “all clear” notice.

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