premium protection

Smart Start™ First Visit $299
Monthly $89

Ideal for: Families who want to extend their protection to include specialized pest services, specifically: Mosquito Control, Customized Termite Protection*, and Customized Bed Bug Treatments**.

Includes: 6+ treatments per year
Protection from:

  • Common residential pests
  • Stinging insects
  • Fire ants — 10ft perimeter around home
  • Mosquito protection
  • Customized Termite protection*
  • Customized Bed Bug treatments**

Deeper Discounts for:

  • Wildlife removal
  • Fire Ants — entire yard protection

$1285 Savings! From individual, one-time pest services pricing.

*Based on initial inspection and terms and conditions stated in signed service agreement. May include termite baiting system and supplemental soil treatment.

**Based on prior inspection to determine infestation level. Treatment method determined by Gregory specialist.