Foundation of Strength


At Gregory, we are dedicated to providing pest solutions in a professional, ethical, caring manner that earns our customers’ trust and satisfaction. Above all else, we value the long-term relationships we create with our co-workers and customers.


Founded in 1972 by Phil and Sara Gregory, our corporate headquarters is strategically located in Greenville, South Carolina, and is central to all of our offices. Our current sphere encompasses, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, and offers special services in the Washington DC area.  Gregory’s commitment to lessening our impact on the environment, and providing service excellence guarantees our customers total satisfaction.


Gregory provides local and regional services encompassing all of our clients pest needs.  With separate divisions for Commercial, Industrial, and Residential service, we can tailor a program to fit your company’s specific needs.   Gregory will provide GPM (Green Pest Management) programs for sensitive accounts that require low-toxicity or non-chemical control methods, fumigation services, sanitation audits, or consultative pre-inspection for survey companies such as AIB, ASI, Silliker, Cook and Thurber. We also offer in-house training programs on pest prevention practices and other pertinent subjects for your employee’s ongoing education.


The key to success in any pest prevention program is a direct reflection of the quality of employee treating your facility. Our extensive training programs for all employees, with monthly in-branch training, quarterly company wide training, and various state association schools provide our service personnel with the tools they need to provide superior quality service. With our Quality Assurance and Training Team in the field daily, we have the checks and balances to assure that the level of service rendered is up to Gregory’s stringent standards, giving your company the most professional, quality service available.


Gregory team members have been, and continue to be, leaders within the pest management industry. Company Chairman of the Board /CEO, Phil Gregory, is past president of the National Pest Management Association, and the South Carolina Pest Control Association.  Our President, Ben Walker, is an industry pioneer who is very active in industry leadership roles, and leads national development committees in our industry.


Control and prevention of pest infestations at the wide scope of facilities we service requires a cooperative effort, a partnership, between all facility personnel and Gregory.  By creating a strong partnership, we create a team in which we work together closely with you to achieve our goal of keeping your environment pest free. The key to the success of the partnership is two-way communication and documentation.

Partnership Responsibilities

Working in partnership with Gregory, our clients shared responsibilities fall into three areas.  First is the maintenance of high standards of sanitation, which includes thorough cleaning on a regular schedule. Secondly, communication of pest sightings and documentation in the Pest Sighting Log is a key part of the success of any program.  Thirdly, if any preparations, repairs, or the need to arrange for special access to areas is required prior to treatment, it is the client’s responsibility to make sure that these contingencies are taken care of.

The responsibility of the Gregory Service personnel also falls into three categories.  First, we will thoroughly inspect the facility to determine if pest issues exist. Monitoring of these areas will be provided, as well as documentation of location and type of any pest issues. Secondly we will develop treatment strategies that utilize the least amount of the least toxic material available to control pest issues.  Thirdly, we will provide up to date, complete documentation and information for the facility.  If any sanitation issues or structural deficiencies are noted during the inspection, it will be noted on the service report.

G Smart

G Smart™ is Gregory’s innovative Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. This program has six steps our technicians utilize to give you the best pest control possible. These six steps have the goal of perpetuating the functions of IPM which are pest identification, pest monitoring, determining the economic injury level (or when the pest becomes a problem) and deciding the best pest control strategies.

  • Inspecting Extensively: Our technicians perform thorough inspections to identify problem areas and places pests could be hiding.
  • Eliminating Sustaining Elements: Our inspection will help pin point sustaining elements that contribute to a pest’s presence such as harborage points or moisture. From there, we will make recommendations to our client on what should be done to eliminate these issues.
  • Excluding Pests: Pests have entry points into your home just like humans. These entry ways may be small, but they can – and should – be remedied. During the inspection, our experts keep their eyes peeled for potential entryways, and then notify the customer about any issues.
  • Monitoring Activity: If we find pests, we will first work with you to eliminate sustaining elements and undergo exclusion methods. We then monitor pest activity using various techniques to decide whether other control methods are needed.
  • Evaluating Control Measures: Sometimes, it can take more than exclusion methods to get rid of a stubborn pest. All Gregory technicians undergo extensive training and are required to complete a monthly training course known as Gregory University. This continuous education lets you rest easy knowing any technician of ours is qualified to correctly and safely apply pest control products in your home.
  • Documenting Consistently: Documentation is a crucial part of any IPM program. It works together with all other parts of the program and lets our customers see progress. We use documentation as a point of reference to support the monitoring of pest activity. This can help our technicians see which technique works best with your specific pest issue, and lets our customers know that we are working toward getting your pest problems solved.

By choosing Gregory, clients enter into a partnership based on communication. Gregory technicians will notify homeowners and clients about structural issues or other elements that contribute to the presence of pests, but it is up to the customer to fix these issues and communicate any pest sightings to their technician.

Service Program


Gregory will inspect the designated areas of the facility when applying materials. Insect traps and pheromone monitors are just two of the monitoring tools available. Baits, growth regulators, and other materials specifically selected for your location will be used judiciously when doing preventive treatment or treating an active pest infestation.  A Pest Trend Log will be maintained to document any insect or rodent activity.


Gregory will inspect the exterior of the building and treat as necessary any pest activity utilizing periodic perimeter treatments, crack and crevice and/or spot applications. At certain times of the year, it may be necessary to utilize an exterior treatment for occasional invaders.


Gregory will service the interior rodent equipment including cleaning, updating the service card, replacing the glueboard or winding the trap as applicable, and removing any rodents caught. A pest trend monitoring log will be maintained to document any trap activity.


Gregory will service the exterior rodent equipment including cleaning, updating the service card, replacing bait as necessary, and securing the station. A pest trend monitoring log will be maintained to document any feeding activity.


Gregory will service the insect light traps in your facility including cleaning, replacing the glueboard or cleaning the tray, updating the service card, and changing the bulbs annually. A pest trend activity log may be maintained to document any flying insect activity.


Normal service will be scheduled and performed Monday through Saturday, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., with the exception of ULD (fog) applications or fumigations. Other service hours are available if needed to fit within your company’s specific time requirements.

Regulatory Compliance

Materials used and methods of application will be in accordance with their label and in compliance with federal, state, and local regulatory agencies.  A list of materials to be used can be provided upon request.

Quality Assurance

Gregory assures the quality of service through consistent application of an established set of Performance Standards.  These standards make it possible for us to guarantee consistent service to all of your facilities – no matter where they are located.  Our technical services department will place your account on our Quality Assurance Register, where periodic Quality Assurance Audits will be performed on your facility.

Ancillary Services

For excluded pests and additional local needs, we can also provide the following services, materials, and equipment.  We may recommend these services or products at an additional charge when necessary.

  1. Weed Control Service; specifically, applications of non-selective herbicides.
  2. Bioremediation Services
  3. Sanitation Audits
  4. Bird Control
  5. Termite Control

Local Billing

Whatever your specific billing needs, Gregory will accommodate your company. Unless otherwise requested, Gregory will provide a monthly invoice/statement for all services.  Our terms are net 30 days from date of invoice. A 1% per month (12% per annum) fee will be charged on all invoices past due.

Toll-Free Client Service

For emergency service please contact your local branch office.  Gregory’s Client Service Department also stands ready to respond to your concerns regarding special technical needs or services.  Please call 1-800-922-2596.


A certificate of insurance will be issued to you upon request and submitted upon acceptance of this agreement.


Control and prevention of pest infestations in a facility require a cooperative effort – a partnership between the client and the service provider. We know that the stronger the partnership the more effective the pest prevention program. Our IPM Pest Management partnership is designed to meet or exceed your expectations.

Limitation of Liability

Gregory assumes no liability other than those specified in this agreement. Product or property damage, loss of business or any other factors related to pest infestations shall not be the responsibility of Gregory under this agreement.

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