Smarter Pest Control Solutions in the Southeastern United States

In 1972, Phil and Sara Gregory started Gregory Pest Solutions in order to provide smart pest solutions to Greenville, South Carolina. Phil and Sara were successful enough in Greenville to expand their business, make new hires, and further refine and develop the Smarter pest control process that made them successful.  

Today, Gregory is proud to offer our Smarter pest control throughout South Carolina and North Carolina. If you live or work in Washington DC, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, or Florida, Gregory’s partnerships are the solution to your pest problem.

The Smarter Solution to Your Pest Problem

Gregory Pest Solutions provides pest control to both residential and commercial properties all over the Southeastern US. Our experts have the experience, certifications, and tools to handle a wide variety of pest problems by following Gregory’s Smarter Solutions process. We don’t just remove pests; we exclude them and monitor our program to make sure they don’t bother you again. If you have any of the following pest control problems, get in touch with Gregory right away. We are your pest control solution.

Want to know more about the Gregory Pest Solutions near you? Select a location below to find out how our local branches can help you. Want more information about us or our Smart Pest Control process? Give us a call at 1-800-922-2596. Whenever you have pest problems, remember: Gregory is the Smart Pest Control Solution. We look forward to helping you soon!