Maybe you don’t want to know very much about fire ants because they’ve got a bad reputation for their painful stings, but it’s good to know your enemy, right?

  • There are over 280 different species of fire ant
  • Can be extremely aggressive and kill small animals
  • They latch onto each other in flooded areas and can survive the conditions by making a raft out of themselves
  • Love areas with direct sunlight, and that’s where you can usually find their mounds
  • They don’t have ears; they use their feet to feel for vibrations that tell them where things are located
  • Can lift 20 times their own body weight
  • Builds tunnels underground that can go up to 25 feet in length

It’s better to prevent fire ants before they infest your property, but if they have already made their presence known, we can still help! You can usually tell that fire ants are in your yard by the dome-shaped mounds they have built. When exploring for food, they usually enter and exit the mound from holes on the sides. The exit holes on top are mainly used for defending the mound when it is attacked.

Between February and early spring, the mound top will show fresh dirt signaling that the ants are becoming more active. This is the best time for Gregory Pest Solutions to begin applying TopChoice. It helps control fire ants where applied and also helps prevent new fire ant mounds from developing. We are here to help keep fire ants out of your yard. Call today to get an appointment booked.