Gregory Pest Solutions has quickly become the largest supplier of thermal bed bug treatment in the Southeast. The reason is understandable: Gregory’s smarter approach through its state-of-the-art Thermal Remediation® Heat Treatment process. This particular process allows Gregory to quickly eliminate bed bugs with minimal preparation or inconvenience.

Gregory’s system uses specially designed industrial strength electric heaters to heat the inside of the treated area to a temperature above 120° F in order to kill bed bugs and their eggs that might be inside of cracks, crevices, furniture, fixtures, and other belongings. This approach has proven to take care of the bed bug problem thoroughly: dealing with the obvious infestation, but also eliminating the problem at its source, thereby significantly reducing the risk of the problem from resurfacing later.

But not only has Gregory’s approach to treatment itself been effective, Gregory’s strategic targeting of the bed bug problem has also helped reduce the scope and duration of treatment as well. Gregory has trained and employed a team of bed bug sniffing dogs available when needed in properties as varied as multiple apartments, hotel rooms, dormitories, and other large buildings. A dog’s keen sense of smell has allowed Gregory’s team of bed bug experts to find bed bugs and destroy them quickly and efficiently.

Fast, effective solutions for:

Single family Homes
Multi-Family Housing
Apartments and Condominiums
Hotels, Motels and Resort Properties

The Thermal Remediation® process allows customers and their residents to leave practically everything in the home or other treated areas – clothing, bedding, furniture, TV, computers: almost everything can be left in place. Gregory’s Thermal Remediation® Heat Treatment equipment is a self-contained system that utilizes space heaters and monitoring devices which are powered by the system and monitored throughout the process to achieve a safe and effective level of heat within the treated areas. The heat kills all stages of bed bugs: eggs, young, and adults.

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