It’s World Pest Day!  Celebrate with us as we recognize how far the pest control industry and its employees have come! 

Fun Facts

The first pesticide applications were made by the Sumerians (the same people who created the first written language and invented the wheel) by using sulphur compounds.

Ancient Egyptians practiced pest control by putting cats in their grain stores to protect against rodents. They also slept with nets draped over their beds to protect themselves from mosquitoes.

The Chinese used arsenic and mercury to get rid of lice.

Why Pest Control Is Important

Can you imagine what the world would be like if bugs like mosquitos which carry malaria, dengue fever, encephalitis, or ticks which carry Lyme disease were not curbed by pest control?  What about the bubonic plague that killed much of Europe which was transmitted from rats to humans by fleas?

Consider what does not happen because of regular pest control. Your house is still standing because termites haven’t eaten it. You don’t have to stress so much about bed bugs whenever you go to a hotel or movie. Your food at a restaurant hasn’t been contaminated by rats, cockroaches, or other disease-carrying bugs.

On the flip side, pretend you’re a restaurant owner, and a customer sees a cockroach on the table—your business could really suffer should the news spread to other customers and they stop coming to your restaurant.

Allergic to bites and stings?  Pest control cuts down on the risk of those unfriendly encounters with bugs like wasps and fire ants.

Your vegetable and flower gardens are a lot healthier without aphids and spider mites trying to destroy your hard work!

Lots of things we take for granted are made possible or regularly prevented by the men and women of pest control who make sure it gets done correctly and safely. Let’s take a minute to thank a pest control professional!