Gregory Pest Solutions understands that pest problems can be a serious issue for pharmaceutical facilities, potentially leading to health issues and financial loss. We know that one pest can stop important research and cost you money, so we have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to your facility. To meet this high standard, we will work diligently to prevent pest entry, but if they find a way in, we will work equally as hard to eliminate them and restore the pest free atmosphere. Our trained experts follow all FDA requirements and implement the highest standards to make sure your business is safe and pest-free. After an extensive evaluation inside and outside, we will customize a plan for your facility. Then, we continue to monitor and serve your company to ensure your facility is clean and safe.

24-Hour Emergency Services

Because shutting down a facility due to pests is unacceptable at Gregory’s Pest Services. Our call center provides a convenient toll-free number to assure a swift response from our technical and support personnel. Our State-of-the Art Paperless Electronic Data Recording with Web Portal Access is available for all clients. Whether you have one location or many, you can track what is going on in all of your facilities in real time. You can customize access to your account, alert levels, and trending reports to fit your needs. Designed by a national team of specialists, with strong client input, we believe it is the best the industry has to offer.

Our range of service not only extends through South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia, but it reaches into Virginia, Alabama, Tennessee, and beyond. Specialized commercial services are also available in Washington DC and Delaware.

Gregory’s Commercial Pest Specialists will perform a comprehensive analysis of your facility and work with you to create the program that best suits your needs.

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