Pest Control in Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi

Gregory Pest Solutions' Southwestern District Office

No one wants their life or business completely derailed by the discovery of an unpleasant pest infestation. That’s why the specially trained team at Gregory Pest Solutions in Odenville, Alabama utilizes a comprehensive pest management approach defined by detailed inspection, exclusion, and monitoring. No matter what the pest or where it is, we can get it out of your home or business quickly, ethically, and affordably.

The IPM Pest service strategy employed by Gregory Pest Solutions has been specially developed over many years in the industry to meet your specific pest prevention and pest control needs. This strategy uses knowledge of biological, ecological, and environmental factors to identify the most effective services for your particular pest removal needs.

We offer our services to everyone in need of them, including small businesses, big businesses, multi-family buildings and residential homeowners. This location services Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and parts of Tennessee.

Smarter Pest Control in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Beyond

The experts working at Gregory's Southwestern branch in Odenville, Alabama are ready to quickly and effectively deliver our Smarter Pest Solutions to Gregory's entire Southwestern service area. If you have a home or business in any of the following cities in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, or Tennessee and need pest control help, Gregory's Southwestern branch is the place to contact:


  • Huntsville
  • Decatur 
  • Florence
  • Birmingham
  • Tuscaloosa
  • Mobile
  • Dothan
  • Montgomery
  • Phenix City
  • Auburn
  • Hoover
  • Anniston
  • Gadsden
  • Odenville
  • Selma


  • Jackson
  • South Haven
  • Gulfport
  • Biloxi
  • Meridian
  • Starkville


  • New Orleans
  • Batin Rouge
  • Shreavport

Services Available Throughout Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and the Surrounding Area

When we say that we take pest control seriously, we're not kidding. We’ve worked with thousands of customers in dozens of industries ranging from manufacturing to retail, hospitality, and food. We use our extensive experience to offer a wide variety of services carried out by trained experts, including:

Regional Manager: Jason Mack

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