confused flour beetle

Confused Flour Beetle Control and Treatment

What is a Confused flour beetle?

Confused flour beetles are a type of darkling beetle known for attacking and infesting stored flour and grain. They are notorious for their destructive capabilities when it comes to contaminating grain and other dried goods that are stored in silos, warehouses, or homes.

Physically, Confused flour beetles are small, between an eighth and a quarter-inch in length, and reddish-brown in color. The primary distinguishing feature that sets them apart from other beetles are their antennae. These antennae start small at the base, get wider at the tip, and have four visible clubs along the way. These beetles are called “confused” because of how frequently they get mixed up with Red flour beetles, not for any behavioral reason.

Are Confused flour beetles dangerous?

Confused flour beetles can’t feed on whole, undamaged grain. Because of this, they dig their way into bags and feed on the already broken down dust and pieces inside. When they do this, they contaminate the dry goods and leave behind things like skin, bodies, fecal pellets, and quinones… all of which are not only gross but can make you sick if consumed. They won’t bite or sting you, but they still present their own dangers.

Why do I have Confused flour beetles?

These pests like to feed on the dust and grain bits found inside of dry goods containers. They eat flour, cereal, pasta, and so on. They’ll most commonly find their way inside these bags at warehouses or grocery stores and then, from there, are brought home by unsuspecting homeowners. Once they’re inside a home, they branch out to other pantry goods from there.

How can I prevent Confused flour beetles?

If you have a grain bin in your home, make sure that you’re practicing proper bin sanitation. Clean out leftover dust and old grain when adding new grain to the bin. Stay on top of cleaning up dust that gets out in the shed or garage you’re storing grain in. After that, it’s just vigilance – store your dry goods in hard-sided, airtight containers, pay attention to the dark corners of your pantry, and react to the signs if and when they present themselves.

How can Gregory Pest remove Confused flour beetles from my home or business?

An expert from Gregory Pest Solutions will be your full-service pest solutions provider specializing in the effective removal and prevention of Confused flour beetles from your home or business.

When you hire us to evaluate how extensive your home’s pest problem is, one of our pros will be sent to assess the situation and then formulate an environmentally friendly plan for removal and prevention. Our experts also prevent future infestations from forming by recommending sanitation and storage practices, so you and your family can enjoy a lasting insect-free environment.

Where can I get help with Confused flour beetles?

If you’re on this page, it might be because you’re currently facing a Confused flour beetle infestation. We know how stressful that can be and want to help. Gregory Pest Solutions offers our comprehensive residential and commercial pest services in all of the states listed below.







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